About Me
headshot of a woman outside next to a tree

Hi, I’m Jennifer

I’ve been cooking and creating in the kitchen since I was very young, and I’m excited to share my recipes, meal ideas, and all things plant-based with you!

When I was 10 years old, I learned to cook while helping my cousin prepare for a holiday gathering. Her biggest lesson? Start with onions and garlic. I tasted the food we had created, felt pride in what we prepared, and was immediately hooked.

Hooked on cooking, of course, but also on alliums. I learned to always add alliums.

Back at home, my mother nurtured my love of cooking by offering to be my “sous chef” when I would plan meals. There is no substitute for hands-on learning, and I certainly learned a lot!

As a teenager, I read cookbooks as if they were novels, and pored over recipes in magazines. Everything sparked my interest – I even clipped recipes out of kitchenware catalogs! I decided that I would create and share my own recipes when I grew up.

After decades of incorporating plant-based meals into my family’s rotation, I’ve shifted to a fully plant-based diet. This change has brought new excitement to my time in the kitchen, as I began drawing on my years of cooking experience to develop new recipes.

My next step was clear. I would realize my dream by starting this blog. What you see here is the combination of my love of cooking and sharing my food with others. I hope that you will find both delicious recipes and inspiration.